Powerful and important.

Barely the day started and..it’s already six in the evening.
Barely it is Monday and it’s already Friday.
…and the month is already over.
…and the year is almost over.
…and already 40, 50 or 60 years of our lives have passed.
…and we realise that we lost our parents, friends.
and we realise it’s too…

Now I know that Spring will come again,
Perhaps to-morrow: however late I’ve patience
After this night following on such a day.

While still my temples ached from the cold burning
Of hail and wind, and still the primroses
Torn by the hail were covered up in it,
The sun filled earth and…

Photo via Shutterstock

We hold hands as if our lives depended on it.
Our hands contain a lifetime of stories.
Of lives saved, children nurtured, meals prepared, gardens grown, homes created, fruit picked, yoga practiced, pictures painted, stories written.
In our hands we feel, love, hope, peace, tranquility, kindness,
wisdom, reassurance and we always safe.

Afzien is a Flemish word that originates from the sport of cycling.

Afzien means to suffer whilst engaged in vigorous physical effort, especially in the wind, rain and cold whilst riding over mud strewn cobbles.

Afzien is part of a secret language that’s peculiar to Flemish cycling.

Afzien sends shivers down my spine.

Afzien is part of what attracts me to cycling.

Photo of Rusted Paint Can by Fresh Design Elements — Commercial License purchased on Creative Market

I ran towards it in bare feet through the soft warm sand
I imagined it was a football
I kicked it as hard I could
It didn’t move
I heard my foot crack and break into several pieces
The can was filled with concrete
I collapsed onto the ground howling from the pain
I was 5 years old
I’ve never kicked a can since that day.

Sketch by Seattle artist Andy Goulding

The bicycle my dad built for me.
The bicycle that introduced me to a world of possibilities.
The bicycle that took me on unexpected adventures.
The bicycle that broke into 3 pieces when I hit a car.
The bicycle that had no brakes.
The bicycle with 3 wheels.
The bicycle that lost it’s life to rust…

The irreversible, 2016 — Norimichi Hirakawa

There’s a new game
It’s called Unknowns

The 5 rules of the game are very simple
1. Nothing is rationale
2. Nothing makes sense
3. Nothing is as it appears to be
4. Nothing is going to come and save you
5. Nothing matters apart from NOW

Unknowns is played in real-time, each and every day
The unknowns are unpredictable, chaotic, and subject to last minute change
The objective of the game is self-preservation
The outcome of the game is transforming unknowns into knows
The knowns are unpredictable, chaotic, and subject to last minute change
Wanna play?

The reset is real.
The upheaval is happening.
The only thing that matters is now.
The only thing that’s real is today.
The future is a concept.
Tomorrow is another day.
Let go of the familiar.
We live in a world of uncertainty and chaos.
Embrace this reality.
There’s no building back.
Only building forward.

Steve Jennings

Inspiring the world to think bigger. Passionate about amping up human potential. Accelerating possibilities. Unleashing the positive power of business & people.

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